BlockOut Poetry Workshop, Aug 2017

BlockOut Poetry Workshop
Sat 19th August, 3.30 – 6 pm
No prior artistic or creative experience is required!

Location: Clunes, NSW

What is BlockOut Poetry?
(a.k.a Blackout Poetry)

BlockOut Poetry is a creative exercise that can open up your imagination, make you laugh, and uncover writing skills that you did not know you had. And, it’s fun!

It is all about finding a new story embedded in between the existing one. The new story might (have) become the form of a poem, or it might be just a combination of words, or even just one word.

Every page has something interesting– even if the actual subject matter of the text seems uninteresting to you. Look for words that transmit feeling and rhythm rather than (the) exact meanings.

Blackout poems can be quirky, funny, illogical (nonsense poetry), contradictory (oxymorons), or deeply meaningful and personal.

There are no Rules!
Grammar and Syntax can be disregarded
Invent new words
Add words by hand or tear and paste from other pages

Materials: Simply blockout the words you don’t want with anything you have at hand: a simple marker, ball pen, pencil, crayon or paints….etc

Further inspirations visit:
– Austin Kleon at
Instagram: @austinkleon

John Carroll at
Instagram: @makeblackoutpoetry




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