Creating Art from almost Nothing

When I first started getting into art and creativity I was somehow convinced I needed expensive art materials to produce something interesting. I bought more and more stuff but my creativity did not expand exponentially. My love for nature, and my interest in sustainability has slowly led me… Read More

Making Paint Pigment from Rocks & Soil – Part 1

Colours from the Earth Ancient and contemporary cultures have always made very basic paints to decorate their bodies and dwellings. They extracted natural pigments from clay, rocks, charcoal, shells, minerals, plants and insects. The pigments were then mixed with a natural binder like water, spit, animal fat or… Read More

Making Paint Pigment from Rocks & Soil – Part 2

Colors from the Earth Links about Ochre & Earth Pigments: Early Futures: foraging ochre An excellent resource on all questions about ocher and pigment. Leah Fanning Mebane: Eco friendly and non-toxic oil painting using natural pigment and walnut oil: Chuck Kritzon explores the materials and techniques… Read More

Long Exposure & Intentional Camera Movement

Intentional Camera Movement: Try it! You don’t have to be an artist or a photographer, you don’t even have to have a quality camera to create some interesting images. A simple digital point and shoot or an iPhone can create unusual photos using ICM. Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)… Read More