Upcoming Workshop: 9 – 13th July, 2018

Sturt ~ Australian Art & Design Centre, Mittagong, NSW Mixed Media: Patterns in Nature, 9 – 13th July, 2018 Sturt Winter School Program: http://www.sturt.nsw.edu.au Nature provides a large variety of different shapes, patterns and textures – it is surprising how endless the inspirations are! Learn how to simplify… Read More

Workshop: Imaginary Landscapes, Sept 2017

We will a series of spontaneous, playful abstracted landscapes on paper – while experimenting with loose and fast brushstrokes. This process is less about the outcome and more about discovering your own creative strength and spontaneity – and of course, about having fun. For more information and to… Read More

BlockOut Poetry Workshop, Aug 2017

BlockOut Poetry Workshop Sat 19th August, 3.30 – 6 pm No prior artistic or creative experience is required! Location: Clunes, NSW https://www.hinterlandclunes.com.au What is BlockOut Poetry? (a.k.a Blackout Poetry) BlockOut Poetry is a creative exercise that can open up your imagination, make you laugh, and uncover writing skills… Read More