Intentional Camera Movement – ICM

I am exploring the beaches of the Northcoast, (NSW, Autralia) – taking experimental photographs at dawn and dusk: long exposure combined with Intentional Camera Moment (ICM).

The process fascinates me because it is so unpredictable and always surprising. When it works it really works and the images are a moody, otherworldly abstraction of reality.

Long exposure time allows to move the camera and “paint” into the landscape. Shapes and textures are simplified by this process, detail and sharpness are lost. It is all about experimenting and finding the right combination of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO in combination with the actual camera movement to produce the desired effect.

Many people say you need a camera with a manual control settings for this technique. In my experience that is not true. A simple point and shoot and certainly an iPhone can give you some interesting images if you stay with the process. Every camera will give you different results and it is about finding out what your camera can and cannot do.

Don’t think you have to be an artist or a photographer to play with photographic techniques. Anybody can do it. The main thing is to have fun, experiment and take lots of photos.

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