Inspirational Art & Design Projects based on recycling

Florie Salnot’s plastic bottle project
Florie Salnot’s project helps women of a Saharawi refugee camp find a createive
way to support themselves.

Landfill Harmonic: The “Recycled Orchestra” of Paraguay
A heartfelt & moving story of how instruments made from recycled trash bring
hope to children whose future is otherwise spiritless.

Waste Land (2010)
Documentary highlighting the transformative power of art and bringing about
social change:


Artists who follow the reduce-reuse-recycle philosophy

Shari Mendelson:

Vik Muniz:

Yun Woo Choi:

Aurora Robson:

Gulnur Ozdagla:

Dave Hind:

Sayaka Ganz:

Georgia Russel:

Caroline Saul:

Yuken Teruya:

Richard Klein: