Making Paint Pigment from Rocks & Soil – Part 2

Colors from the Earth

Links about Ochre & Earth Pigments:

Early Futures: foraging ochre
An excellent resource on all questions about ocher and pigment.

Leah Fanning Mebane: Eco friendly and non-toxic oil painting using natural pigment and walnut oil:

Chuck Kritzon explores the materials and techniques how the Paleolithic people used natural pigment:

Artist Helen Fitzgerald makes water color from red soil:

Painter Pablita Velarde obtained pigments from mineral and rocks:

Danny Keat: How to make ochre paint from a rock

Primitive Pigments and Painting:

Anne Wall Thomas: Colors from the Earth: The Artists’ Guide to Collecting, Preparing, and Using Them
Nick Neddo: The Organic Artist.
Lee Burns: Color Your World With Green Art

Artists who work with earth pigments and soil:
Peter Ward, Earth Artist
Peter Burke, ‘Earthworks’
Margaret Boozer, Ceramics & Sculputers
Claire Pentecost and Asa Sonjasdotter: ‘Soil-erg’
Tanya Preminger, Earth Works
Yusuke Asai, Earth Painting ‘One Tree Forest’
Pablita Velarde, Earth Paintings
Lim Ok-sang, ‘Flesh and Soil’
Leah Fanning Mebane, Painting
Hilda Hellstroem, The Material of a Natural Disaster
Francesca Owen, Environmental Art

The Hidden World Under Our Feet, by Jim Robbins
An article about soil biodiversity and the importance of healthy soil.

Soil, Soul and Society, by Satish Kumar
Environmentalist and Humanitarian, Satish Kumar introduces the new trinity that he believes captures the essence of his ecophilosophy – one that cares about and for all life:


2 thoughts on “Making Paint Pigment from Rocks & Soil – Part 2”

  1. Ang He-Lun
     ·  Reply

    I made earth pigment for my painting too. Its very kind to the nature.😀

  2. Mmanuel Doku
     ·  Reply

    I had good time painting with natural rock colours. They are really different and love to make more if necessary.

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