Treasures on the Forest Floor

Usually after a big storm many branches and sometimes whole trees are down. The ground is littered with stuff that fell out of the trees. As I wonder around in the forest it is hard to not pick up everything that catches my eye. I collect all sorts of different things and bring them back to my studio: flowering mosses, colorful lichen, fungi growing on bark or branches, leaves, rain forest seeds, tree blossoms, orchids …etc. I can get so into it that even a simple twig or leaf starts to look beautiful and intriguing to me.

A fallen branch, no matter how small, can have busy and colorful organisms living on it: An ecosystem within and ecosystem. I love that! I sometimes wish I had a microscope so I could look at another level of existence.

Try it:
Collect a few natural objects and arrange them in different ways until the design is pleasing to you. Choose a background that is simple and creates a contrast to the material you collected.

It is not necessary to posses an expensive camera, a simple point and shoot will do and smart phones can take really good photos. If you dont know much about light and shadows, keep it simple and take the photo during daylight (early morning or late afternoon is best). It is usually best to keep the shadows soft, avoid strong shadows. If necessary soften the shadows with a reflector (diy: a piece of white paper or silver shiny card board or an aluminum car sun shield).

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  1. Melinda
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    Thanks for sharing Sabine. I look forward to that walk in the forest with you one day soon. Much love Mx

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